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Festal Greetings: October 6/19: The Holy Apostle Thomas: "My Lord, and my God!"

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 5:09 PM

"Be ye not faithless, but believing!"

"If ye have faith only the size of a mustard seed, ye can move mountains!"


1. Popes message 2. Papists capture Ukraine temples

AND-CORRECTED: 1) Pope's message, 2) Papists have begun to capture the temples of the 'Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate': (i.e. the steady march of Rome to Catholicise/Uniatise all of the Ukraine)-and what is the MP doing to stop this proce

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Dan Everiss

Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 4:17 PM

Comments: Regarding: The big blasphemous and anti-scriptural & centuries old lie, i.e. that which the fallen-away-former-church of Rome, the Papists, The Latin's Great 1054 AD Schism,  have foisted on the world:

Behold,  all you present day, 'progressive-liberal' Orthodox-Ecumenists! This is the stark sour reality, the natural bad and inedible FRUIT, of your foolishly trusting the non-Orthodox, especially the long term enemy of the Orthodox, the heretic fallen away church of Rome, in your imagined sweet-fantasies of 'Christian Unity', and 'that all may become one'.
 Yes, for sure, the Pope's church wants that 'all become one', but not as equals, and not in the pure apostolic Orthodox faith,  but rather that all must submit, bow under their pope's  feet and tyrannical rule. And their main centuries old, scriptural (mis-quote) which they claim supports their cooked-up, 'supremacy of Peter' is largely miss-based on Christ's words, in the one of the four Gospels, where Christ seemed to be speaking to the Apostle.... Peter- ('Petras', which means, 'rock'), "Thou art Peter/the rock, ...and upon this.... rock, I build my church".
However, some central facts of Church History and Patristics are conveniently ignored by Rome. We Orthodox cannot forget them.

Central is that: In interpreting all scriptures, & as regarding all doctrines, [each and every Orthodox bishop, 'rightly divides/teaches the word of truth'],  what matters, is 'The Mind.... of The Universal/Catholic  Church', - also labeled, Sacred Tradition, and that universal/catholic interpretation [called: The Father's/Patristics-their interpretations and  explanations] of this passage said:

That Christ.... was, meaning  in that and His other biblical passages and[through the working of the Holy Spirit, which act was the Foundation Day of the Church] ....was the  empowering/consecrating  of ALL HIS APOSTLES, who were all EQUAL in their apostolic authority, each sent into differing territories to preach the Good News and to establish local churches there, not only the Apostle Peter, or even at solely his  commands, [Apostle Peter nicknamed, 'The Apostle to the Jews']  plus 'the rock' which Christ meant, was: the solid faith/ the rock/firmness....  of Peter's.....CONFESSION OF HIS  FAITH.... IN CHRIST!, WHO ALONE FOUNDED HIS CHURCH UPON HIMSELF! Jesus Christ is.... THE ROCK, ...and not upon any one mere flawed mortal man, as Peter.

The Apostle Peter, as with all of the Apostles, mere mortals, were NOTHING outside of Christ. HE gave them their powers and authority. Christ was their rock and their foundation. 
Jesus Christ founded His church upon..... Peter's faith in HIMSELF, Christ is THE ROCK OF SALVATION, not....... 'on Peter'!

Apostle Peter,  together with Apostle Paul- nicknamed 'The Apostle to the Gentiles',  were BOTH,  'the honorary chairmen' of the apostles, but that was only honorary, and their opinions were not the supreme rule or the final word over the other apostles, who were all EQUAL.
Church history, though there are some arguments and debates on that specific historical matter, generally believes..... that both Peter and Paul preached at Rome, and died there.
Thus, it MAY be said, that: the Apostles Peter and Paul, (BOTH of them, EQUALLY! )  'founded the local Church of Rome' their preaching and by their shed blood there.

And too, in the chaotic earlier centuries  of the world-wide Church, there were many many local controversies of all sorts, doctrinal and church governance, etc. which at times, whoever was the then diocesan ruling bishop of the old Roman Imperial city of Rome,and this highly honored in respect as he was in the old Roman Imperial Capital of the Roman Empire,  would be asked to give his final thought, his peace-making and deciding opinion, [which was never seen as his command, or as of him  dictating to inferior local other churches or their patriarchs,  -which opinion was often accepted by those other local churches, to settle various local inter-church  disputes,...though not always.

That was SOBORNOST/CONCILIARITY in humble respect and love..... in the Holy Faith:  "Let him who would be chief of all, the servant of all" -which applies to all bishop, and indeed to the entire body of believers, -The Laos, the People of God,  in the church.
Only in the late 800 AD,  onward did there slowly and quietly begin in the shadows, the gradual process of attempting to re-create  the Roman's bishop's will, and his authority, the supreme rule over all the church, and this was always resisted, by all the churches & patriarchates, and especially by successive bishops of Rome themselves, who were mostly conservatively Orthodox in their faith. Before the Latin Great Schism of 1054, Rome produced a number of Pope-SAINTS, which we Orthodox even today, venerate as our saints. None of them taught, the later nonsense of Papal Supremacy of the Pope of Rome, etc...or that Christ founded His church upon...the apostle Peter!

But even as the eastern part of the Christian Roman Empire-Byzantium in the East,  was prospering, Old-Rome & the Christian West,  was in steady decline & disintegration and more and more attacked and invaded by barbarian hordes.

That chaotic decline of imperial public law and order, caused a natural historical reaction in the bishop of Rome's powers-[who became THE SOLE RECOGNIZED CENTER OF POWER IN THE WEST, -as the rule of the Emperor vanished into the air],  the Pope/Holy Father of Rome,  was impelled/pushed to assume the new strange role of  THE Pontifix Maximus, & the only source of unity and law and order-religious or civil or military.... in the West.

The Bishop of Rome, in reality,  became a one person replacement for the Church Authority... Combined with..... the Imperial powers.

Thus there began to be created various false documents [such as the infamous, 'False Decretals of  Peter' and others,  and ever growing expanding outrageous claims, that since: himself,  was the foundation rock of Christ's Church, and since Peter founded the Roman bishop's throne/cathedra , THEREFOR.....whoever was 'the episcopal successor of Apostle Peter'.....had UNIVERSAL and SOLE 'VICARSHIP'-ABSOLUTE CONTROL  over the entire world-wide church, the Pope of Rome was Christ's Sole 'Vicar' (divinely ordained representative)...... over all, etc.

This big papist lie, was held to and professed by schismatic Rome, & which they tried to foist upon the whole universal church for centuries, [ see the post-schism, Council of Florence, as but one later example],   for a very long time, but it was not promulgated into official Latin-Schism doctrine, till later. And even then, many in the west also rejected it.

NONE of the other local churches, before 1054 AD and indeed not even the previous centuries of popes/bishops  of Rome...not one of them! ..., EVER accepted this new bizarre heresy and concocted innovation, and we Orthodox have NEVER accepted that big Papist lie....or of their blasphemous  TWISTING and corrupting of the  fundamental meaning of Christ's words in His Holy Gospel.

To subvert Holy Scripture is a terrible sin, which the Latins ['the first protestants']  have done so easily, and which the Protestants also are very guilty of.
In our Orthodox understanding, ......which is exactly the same as was accepted in the universal and early church, all bishops, [episcopos, overseers, consecrated successors of the Apostles] whether  diocesan or regional or national, and whatever their grand titles,.... are fundamentally equal in their apostolic  spiritual powers and authority. All are called, with the term of respect: 'papas', in Greek,.... father.

And yet, that big Papist biblical and theological lie has been utilized by Rome for centuries to keep the loyalty and abject obedience of their Latin-Rite Catholics under their tyrannical rule, and also to fool the many formerly born-Orthodox, ....the various  poor confused & mislead and betrayed,  'Uniates', of various nations & races, and far flung lands, to obey Rome.

And in all of Rome's current & massive power centered ecumenist dealings: with we Orthodox, its Uniates, the Protestants and all, their only real bottom-line end goal, is THE SUBMISSION OF ALL to their phony, 'Christ's Sole Vicar on Earth, the Pope of Rome'.

And my apologies, that this short statement cannot fully touch on all of the many historical and patristic elements in this complicated historical and doctrinal matter.

"O Lord, save us from the pope of Rome, and from things that go bump in the night!"
Rd. Daniel in the thicket

First article:

The Pope consulted the "Eastern Patriarchs" - Uniates Автор: Интернет Собор вкл. Author: Internet Sobor  incl. 19 Октябрь 2017 19 October 2017 . . Опубликовано в Католицизм (Просмотров: 14) Posted in Catholicism (Views: 14)
Pictures on request of the meeting of Pope Francis Francis with the patriarchs and the supreme archbishops of the eastern
Папа – Патриархам и Верховным архиепископам: коллегиальность неразрывно связана с первенством Петра

The Pope to the (Uniate) Patriarchs and the Supreme Archbishops: collegiality is inextricably linked with the primacy of Peter

Во всех поместных Церквах должны быть достойные епископы: это служение настолько важно, что избрание кандидатов следует осуществлять в сотрудничестве с поместными Синодами.

 In all the local (Uniate) churches there must be worthy bishops: this ministry is so important that the election of candidates should be carried out in cooperation with the local Synods.

Папа обратился с таким увещанием к Патриархам и Верховным архиепископам, собравшимся в эти дни в Риме на пленарную ассамблею Конгрегации Восточных Церквей.

The pope addressed with such an admonition to the Patriarchs and the Supreme [Uniate] Archbishops gathered in Rome in those days to the plenary assembly of the Congregation of 'Eastern Churches'.

 Встреча проходит по случаю столетия основания этого департамента, а также столетия Папского Восточного института.

The meeting is held on the occasion of the centenary of the founding of this department, as well as the centenary of the Pontifical Eastern [Uniate] Institute.

Святейший Отец пожелал предстоятелям поместных Церквей восточного обряда «разделять радости и печали» верующих.

The Holy Father wished the priests of the local Churches of the Eastern Rite "to share the joys and sorrows" of believers.

Забота о Церквах проявляется также в единстве иерархов с Папой: именно епископское служение в Риме, подчеркнул Папа, является «основанием для Петрова служения, председательствующего служения любви и в любви», сказал Св. Отец и призвал иерархов высоко ценить узы, которые связывают «коллегиальность с первенством святого Петра», чтобы осуществлять «диаконское первенство», то есть быть рабом рабов Божиих.

Care for the churches is also manifested in the unity of the hierarchs with the pope: it is the episcopal ministry in Rome, the Pope emphasized, that "is the foundation for Peter's ministry, the presiding ministry of love and love," said St. Father and urged hierarchs to appreciate the ties that bind "collegiality with the primacy of St. Peter "to carry out the" deacon's primacy ", that is, to be a slave to the servants of God.
Pictures on request of the meeting of Pope Francis Francis with the patriarchs and the supreme archbishops of the eastern
Источник A source

Second article: -This steady on-going march of Rome's to  take over the entire Ukraine, and to steal all Orthodox churches and people: And does the Kremlin slave, the Stalin founded uncanonical and apostate 'Moscow Patriarchate' try to stop this?- they who are always quick to try to please the Pope and his Papist-ecumenism, and all at the orders of their true bosses, the  KGB run Putin's Kremlin, for its world domination schemes....?

In Ukraine papists began to capture the temples of the UOC-MP ("The Ukranian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate")- Автор: Интернет Собор вкл. Author: Internet Sobor incl. 18 Октябрь 2017 18 October 2017 . . Опубликовано в Католицизм (Просмотров: 59) Posted in Catholicism (Views: 59)

Ранее суд установил законность использования храма общиной УПЦ

Earlier, the court established the legality of the use of the church by the community of the UOC

В Украинской православной церкви (Московского патриархата) заявляют о захвате Благовещенского храма в Коломые представителями Украинской греко-католической церкви.

In the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate).they declare the capture of the Annunciation Cathedral in Kolomyia by representatives of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.

Сообщение об этом опубликовано синодальным информационно-просветительским отделом УПЦ.

 A report on this was published by the Synodal Information and Educational Department of the UOC.

В сообщении говорится, что 17 октября 2017 года представители УГКЦ срезали замки в Свято-Благовещенском храме в Коломые, и на следующий день там прошла служба греко-католической церкви.

The report says that on October 17, 2017, representatives of the UGCC cut locks on the Holy Annunciation Church in Kolomyia, and the next day there was held there  a service of the Greek Catholic Church.

При этом ранее Ивано-Франковский окружной административный суд установил факт законности пользования религиозной общины УПЦ Благовещенским храмом, а действия сотрудников правоохранительных органов, опломбировавших здание, незаконными.

At the same time, previously the Ivano-Frankivsk District Administrative Court established the fact of the legality of the use of the religious community of the UOC by the Annunciation Church, and the actions of law enforcement officers who sealed the building were illegal.

 В связи с этим в УПЦ действия представителей УГКЦ называют незаконными и обвиняют захватчиков в пренебрежении законом.

 In this regard, in the UOC, the actions of representatives of the UGCC are called illegal and accuse the invaders of neglecting the law.

В УПЦ напоминают, что попытка захвата храма общиной УГКЦ предпринималась и ранее, а именно 4 июня, после этого здание опломбировали.

The UOC recall that the attempt to capture the temple by the UGCC community was made earlier, namely on June 4, after that the building was sealed.
Источник A source

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

ROCOR: St. Nicholas Church in the Kiev

To Share: ROCOR: St. Nicholas Church in the Kiev region in Ukraine

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 8:16 PM

ROCOR: Nicholas Church in the Kiev region in Ukraine (PHOTOS) Автор: Митрополит Агафангел вкл. Author: Metropolitan Agafangel inc. 17 Октябрь 2017 17 October 2017 . . Опубликовано в РПЦЗ (Просмотров: 44) Posted in ROCOR (Views: 44)

Храм в честь святителя Николая Чудотворца построенный его настоятелем протоиереем Александром Гасичем в селе Оранэ Киевской области на Украине.

The church in honor of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker was built by its rector, Archpriest Alexander Gasich in the village of Oran of the Kiev region in Ukraine.

Sharing: Some thoughts

Sharing: Some thoughts and observations, after viewing some historical WWII film documentaries: about our pathetic human history, especially of all of our evil wars and mutual destruction, which never ends-

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Dan Everiss

Tue, Oct 17, 2017 at 5:18 PM


 A brief spiritual overview of all recorded human history, the essence of what matters most, world-wide and in all nations and cultures, since Adam's fall,  regarding our repeated endless wars and the unending harming each other, and harming of God's delightful and innocent creatures.
We pathetic & fallen from God's grace human beings, [of all nations and races-NONE of us are blameless!] are not able to create or to maintain, a perfect or peaceful or virtuous just & fair human society, here on earth.

Only we as individuals, do we have the difficult possibility, -the podvig/struggle,   of perhaps-attaining such perfection-"Ye are called to be saints".
For sure, we can and do create, hells-on-earth. That we humans are well practiced at accomplishing. That was Nazism /Fascism and that is today, still Communism, which still runs and rules Russia, and other evil godless dictatorships....and too it is our false 'democracies' where we  modern progressive secular humanists believe, foolishly that: 'we the people' run our governments, and that they whom we vote into positions of power, whom WE 'elect',  thus, do what WE tell them to do, and all for our best interests, with the myth that such leaders  are also virtuous and noble in their goals, etc.
But: for all humans: "Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely!" That corruption-reality exists in every earthly form of government, it is universal, in the power elite.
We humans, who are so very flawed & IMPERFECT  ourselves, EACH ONE OF US, as also  we collectively, cannot create or make  a heaven-on-earth, a  perfect or truly just utopian society. Never have we been able to engineer or to legislate such a perfect society.
Perhaps (?) at its best & most glorious moments, Orthodox Christian Byzantium came close to such a perfect society, but then that is arguable.
"Holy Russia" to my mind, was more an ideal goal, but never a total society-wide reality, not a heaven-on-earth.
The first and the last real perfect earthly existence or society, was in the Garden of Eden, Paradise, where God walked hand in hand with Adam,  before the fall of Adam and Eve and before their expulsion.
Instead we humans, of all nations, are doomed, until Christ's Second Coming,  to repeat the evils of our ancestors and of past eons of humanity, over and over and over and over and over.
This personal and historical repetition, we seem-the vast majority of us, of any and all nations, - unable..... to not repeat... but rather to obediently follow brutal and evil and murderous leaders, the power-mad Caesar's of this world, (many, in our apostate End-times, who are forerunners of Antichrist),  and to unquestionably  obey their immoral commands, and to thus commit endless evils and atrocities, against God's laws, and  upon our fellow mankind, usually, 'For God/or for 'The Party', or for the  Country', and to make endless wars upon more new wars of aggression,  because..... either we are enthralled/hypnotized  by those wicked charismatic leaders, and/or we mindlessly obey them, 'TO SURVIVE',-from 'those whom kill the body',  for fear of  loosing our lives or those of our families, if we don't 'follow orders'.
And what is so cosmically sad, and indeed what seems to suggest that our entire human race, with this very planet, which planet God made for US,   is ...DOOMED/hopeless, [that earthy human life and this planet, will come to one final end]....  is.... that this  terrible process repeats itself from age to age, in all far flung and varied cultures and societies, and it never ceases.
No peace treaties or 'negotiations', nor United Nations, nor philosophers'  utopian schemes, (as Marxism was originally meant to be) can end it.
Who among us dares to resist or to openly confront  this evil? -Only the few God-enlightened, those  God's Elects, the Prophets and the Martyrs, [and to be a sincere true Christian, we all must become these....witnesses, martyrs], who listen for and  who follow orders from a much higher supreme leader, Almighty God, and who obey Him...and not man....who were and who still are, the holy  prophets and holy martyrs.
"The memory of the just is celebrated with hymns of praise, their memorial is from age to age the same!"
These noble and sacrificial lambs, -these few prophets and martyrs for Christ, GOD'S ELECT,  we-most of us!.... persecute, torture, and kill.
Even with-in the 'household of faith' -the CHURCH, we slander and persecute each other and them. Such was what St. John Chrysostom declared centuries ago: -speaking of this situation, in his Homily on the Gospel of St. Mathew,- that those who will actually follow Jesus teachings in their daily lives and who tell the truth, even to the powerful:  "'And your enemies shall be those of your own household',.... [i.e. the Earthly Church]!" (he was explaining Christ's Gospel teaching and how it applies to earthly life). And that was exactly what he faced himself in his life, so he knew of what he spoke.
And that is why the vast majority of mankind, when we leave this world, we must naturally end up in Hell Eternal, separated forever from God, -the only one who truly loves us!,....going 'through the wide gate', and why we cannot fit/we simply will not BELONG  where the Just Repose,-the Saints,-those prophets and martyrs, in God's Heaven....those who are, 'perfected in the faith'.
So yes, mankind, each of us, our immortal souls- the real, 'us', is indeed hopeless...if we live without God.
All of this earth passes away. Look at the galaxies, and the seeming endless 'heavens of heavens' a small part of which we can now partially see at a great distance, through satellites and space-based telescopes.
"How marvelous are Thy works O Lord! there is no tongue sufficient to hymn Thy wonders! Alleluia!"
God alone, does not pass away, nor do His saints,  the Sanctified, who are with Him.
"Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus! come quickly!"
This is also why, we Orthodox Christians, who know of this, must  daily weep bitterly, and beg God to forgive us and all, and ask for His MERCY, and to save our fallen creation, which groans in pain and sorrow every moment of the day and night, awaiting Christ's Second Coming, when the 'tears of all will be dried up'.
But because we believe in Christ's Resurrection, while we must live on earth, this vale of tears, in a constant mindset of Joyful Sorrow, -sorrow for our fallen and suffering world, and joy, because we believe that  Paradise will be restored again: that God will be the final Victor!  "Be ye not discouraged, for I have overcome the world!" 
Only thus can we be able to honestly say:
 "Give thanks to the Lord, always! and again I say, give thanks!"
And if we disobey, for Christ's sake,  the commands of powerful evil men, of the deluded satanic motivated rulers of this fallen evil old world, but rather obey God, we must pay the price. Christ promised that His disciples would suffer, even as He did.

Though, GOD IS ALWAYS MORE POWERFUL!  than any rulers of this world..."For He doeth whatsoever He willith!"

Which self-sacrificing price, will put us into God's kingdom quicker...for "While we are  in the flesh, we are  separated from God".
But our eternal reward for this,  for our... witnessing, our martyrdom, will be receiving our sparkling crowns, our jeweled miters, in heaven.
Our Saviour has promised us: "In my father house are many mansions, ....I go to prepare a place for you there....that where I am, ye may be also!"
This world is passing away, even before our very eyes.. None of us can keep a hold on it, or on any small part of it, certainly not monies or properties or any material objects, not even our  life-long, pampered bodies! We come into this world naked and with nothing, and so we depart from it the same way. Only our souls live on.
Let us lay up for ourselves-our real enduring selves, our immortal SOULS,  treasures in Heaven] ...'where there is neither rust nor where moth doth corrupt nor where thieves break in and steal.'
May we emulate the saints, "who have found the fountain of life and the door to Paradise....may I also find the right way through repentance, I am the lost sheep, recall me O Saviour, and save me!"
May our prayer to God  be: "Grant me O Lord, the homeland of my heart's desiring, making me again, a citizen of Paradise!"
Just some thoughts from the birds of the air- 
retired Reader Daniel in the forest, weary of all the lies and delusions of this fallen world-this, 'vanity of vanities!',
where one person builds up, and then after him comes another who tears down what he has built-
which is then named, 'progress'.